The Parts Hack will teach you how to create and play using “illegal parts”. By “illegal parts” I mean you can use any parts from any creator. Since this hack is relatively hard to do, and you can never be surprised at how confused people can get with the simplest things, I will try and make it as simple as possible and talk about every step, including the ones on how to use TSearch. This makes the hack seem longer then it is and after you do it once or twice it will take you less then 5 min to do it.

p.s. Some colors come out black with some of the parts during the game, try repainting your creation to another color, that seems to help.

  1) Download TSearch from Downloads section. Use the Mirror 1 option, that seems to work best for people. You can open the files using WinZip or any other .zip file opener. If you don't have one of these programs, I use 7-Zip, which is free. You can get it from  

2) Start Spore and go into window mode. You can do this by clicking on the: Options   à

Settings à

Uncheck the Full Screen Mode option

When doing these hacks its also best to turn all your graphics options to the lowest, this increases the speed of searches, if you have an older computer which has over 2GB of RAM, you should definitely do this.

  3) At this time go into one of the Creature Creator.

4) Open up TSearch by double clicking on the TSearch application  in the folder you extracted out of the .zip file. 

Then click on Open Process Button


Then select SporeApp.exe or Spore.exe , it differs for some people. 

  Click on the Search Option

Search for the first value: 1180455098

You will get more than one result.

5) Now go back to spore and go to the House Creator

6) Now let’s refine our search by clicking on the second magnifying glass

Search for our next value: 1312782199

This refined my search to one result.

7) Now add the one result to the right by clicking the Boxed + sign


Now the value will be on the right side of the TSearch screen.

8) Now you need to find the value that allows you to save anything. For this open up a creature you have already made, if you are already in the creature creator click on the Sporepedia icon  and select to edit a creature you have made that is made of legal parts.

When inside the Creature Creator (top right graphic), and you have done NOTHING new to your creation, use TSearch and do a first Search  for the value 0. You will get ALOT of results.

9) Now remove the mouth so that your creature is mouthless, it should change from Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore to saying Mouthless at the top right of the creator.

Now refine the search  for the value 1024.

10) Now Download this PNG file to your Desktop (right click on the image and click Save Picture As… and select your desktop). This is Wall-E that I made, by the end of this tutorial you will also know how to play a game using him J

Now drag the file into the Creature Creator

Now refine the search  for the value 32. You should only have 1 value now, add it to the right side by clicking the Boxed + .

Then change the value from 32 to 0 and freeze it by clicking on the blue smiley face J

Now no matter what illegal parts your creations have, they will all save as long as you don’t restart Spore.

 11)   The hack can take different directions from this point, depending on what you wish to create. I will do this hack for creating a creature with Spaceship parts, since that seems to be the most popular. But the basics are the same for mixing any of the creators. I would also like to remind you to share your creations on the forums since they will be added to a collection of hacked creations for people to download.

Now build a creature in the creature creator you would want to add space parts.

12) Go to TSearch and freeze the first address we found, the one that codes for which creator you are using and freeze it, then save and exit your creation.

13) Now go into the UFO Editor

14) At this time, you need to locate your Spore Creations folder, this contains all your former and future creations that you have made in spore. It is located in your Documents\My Spore Creations folder. You will see a selection of folders with all your creations inside it.

15) Open the Creatures folder and find your creature .png file inside and drag it over into the creator like you did with the Wall-E.

You will now see that your creature has been loaded into the Spaceship Creator.

At this point you can add spaceship parts to your creature and use it as a spaceship or continue in this tutorial and create a creature with spaceship parts, which can be used as guns or whatever your imagination can create.

16) Add all the parts you want on  your creature anywhere on the visible body parts in the Spaceship Creator, I almost always put all the parts on the head, makes it easy to reorganize later in the creature creator. You might want to use the freedom cheat, if you want to put more parts then what the creator lets you. I used the Freedom Cheat (press CTRL+SHIFT+C at the same time and type in Freedom On) but be warned that using cheats can run the chance of getting the Joker Badge which prevents achievements.

Now Save and Exit your creation, then unfreeze the Creator address by clicking on the address and then clicking on the smiley face with and X on it.

17) Now go into any other Creator besides the Spaceship creator, does not matter which one. Then GO BACK TO the Spaceship Creator and refreeze that value.


Go to House Creator

Go to Spaceship Creator

Freeze New Value:

18) Go into the Creature Creator.

19) Now go back to your My Spore Creations folder and go into the UFOs folder, find your creation and Drag it into the Creature Creator.

20) Now rearrange the parts in whatever shape you wish.

21) You can Save and Play your creation. If you check your creation in the preview screen and it looks messed up, don’t worry, once you play a game with it, it will look normal.

22) If you understand the Grox hack and know how to put in your .png file into a new game, the rest of this tutorial goes over how to play a game with your creation.

If you want to play in the tribal stage and forward with your creation, then you simply need to keep the always save value frozen at 0 and drag the .PNG file of your creation into the “Create Your Own” option when picking what you will play with during that game. If you want to play during the creature stage then follow the tutorial below.

To Play In the Creature Stage:

Unfreeze the Creator address and go into any other Creator besides the Creature creator, does not matter which one. Then GO BACK TO the Creature Creator and refreeze that value.


Unfreeze Value

Go to House Creator

Go to Creature Creator

Freeze New Value:

23) Now go in and start a new game in the Creature Stage.

Choose your diet: Herbivore/Carnivore/Omnivore

Select the Create Your Own option

Find your creation in the My Spore Creations/Creatures./ folder and drag it into the Creator Screen

Here is my creation in the Early Creature Creator:

Now click save and continue, go through all the rest of the menu options unfreeze the two values and click play.