This hack lets you open up higher stages. To make things easier, you should have at least the ability to play the tribal stage.  

1. Start Spore and click on a planet you wish.

2. Open up TSearch, which can be found in the Downloads section.

3. Open up Tsearch, click on Open Process and select SporeApp.exe.

4. Select the tribal stage and stay in the first menu option.

5. Now in TSearch search for Exact Value of 2 by clicking on the most left magnifying glass .

6. In the first search you will have many values. Now you should go back to the stage selection window by clicking the back arrow. You have to stay on the same planet for the hack to work.

7. Now select the Cell Stage and stay in the first menu option. < /font >

8. Now click on the second magnifying glass from the left and search for the exact value 0.

9. You should now have around 30-100 values. Click the back arrow again and open the creature stage, stay in the  first menu option, and search for the value 1 using the second magnifying glass .

10. At this time I got 2 values, this is what you want to have. If you have more then this, go to the tribal stage and search for 2 or cell stage and search for 0 until you have 2 values. Add the two values to the right by clicking on .

11. Now when in the creature stage, select the diet and stay in the menu for selecting the creature.

12. In TSearch change the value to 4 (for civilization stage) or 5 (for Space stage). You can skip the civilization stage and go directly to the space stage. I chose to change it to 5. And select a creature from the menu and click Accept.

13. Go forward through the menus and you will see that you have unlocked the space stage.

14. Now you must save the game on the planet, once you have a game saved in the space stage, you can start as many space stage games without having to do this (Space Stage is permanently unlocked). Also, don't be worried about running out of planets, spore is set up so that you will always have +6 empty planets, so for every new planet you save a game on, Spore generates and empty planet for you.