This hack will teach you how to make anything HUGE (or tiny) when creating adventures. For this hack I will use a creature as an example and I have added a list of parts with the values you need to know in order to make them HUGE (or tiny).



1)     Start a new adventure or Edit one you have already created.

2)     Open up TSearch or Cheat Engine, whichever you like more, and select SporeApp.exe

3)     Shrink the creature you wish to change the size of, make it as small as Spore allows and search for the first search: 1058642330

4)     Now make the creature as large as spore allows and refine your search to: 1096810496

5)     Now you should have a few values, or if your lucky only one. You can change all of them to any value you wish. I would suggest around 1116810496, that is one BIG creature but its not so big that you can not really use in the game. If you do not see your creature instantly change size, then click on it and try and change its size with the values of 1096810496 frozen. Or if you are on a Mac and using ihaxgamez program, which you can not freeze in, then just test out the adventure and the creature should be huge.

6)     Have Fun! Here are some values you can use to make other HUGE or tiny creations in your adventures.

Creature Size

Small 1058642330

Huge 1096810496


Captain Size

Small 1065353216

Huge 1077936128


Building Size

Small 1048576000

Huge 1084227584


Space Ship Size (probably cars, ships, planes too)

Small 1056964608

Huge 1086324736


Fixed Object Sizes (only tree tested)

Small 1048576000

Huge 1082130432


Any Hand Held Object (grenade, key, sword)

Small 1048576000

Huge 1069547520


Disguised Objects (only grenade tested)

Small 1023410176

Huge 1044381696


Mine Size

Small 1048576000

Huge 1077936128