Here you will learn how to make huge creatures.

To Make Big Ball Creatures:

1. Start Spore/Creature Creator and T-search.

2. Go into build mode.

3. Shrink the spine till it is a 2 vertebral segment body.

4. Add legs and hands to the body (youwillnotseethesewhen the creature is finalized).

5. Add a single appendage point. This is done by placing some handsonthebody

Then hold Ctrl and drag off the top segment of the hand.

6. Enlarge the "head" to the maximum it can get to.

7. Now we start hacking! In TSearch, click on the Open Process and select SporeCreatureCreator.exe or SporeApp.exe if you are running full Spore.

8. Click on the magnifying glass

and search for the first byte : 1077097267

then click ok, and you will get some results.

9. Now shrink the head by clicking the down arrow TWO TIMES on your keyboard, > DO NOT USE YOUR MOUSE WHEEL SINCE IT IS MUCH LESS ACCURATE . Then go back to TSearch and click on the second magnifying glass

and now search for the exact value of:1076677837

10. You should now have 2 results. Add them to the right side of the screen by clicking on the + signed box

11. Now you can change the two byte values above what is otherwise possible. To change them just double click on the value on the right hand side of TSearch and type in or paste in the value you want. Lets change the two values to 1086677837 and click once on the "head" so you can see the results.

Now how about...... 1096677837

What about 1106677837??

I would not go above 1109000000 since then the body disappears in the Creature Creator and it looks messed up in Spore.

12. Now customize the outside by adding mouth, eyes, paint, ect....

Here is what I made at the end.