Here you will learn how to create cool asymmetric creatures using hacks. There are other ways to create asymmetric creatures, you can find tutorials on youtube, but you cannot use those skills to make asymmetric cars, ships, and cell stage creatures. To create those, I would strongly suggest you get familiar with the cheat sheet section when wanting to create your own. Asymmetric hacks are a bit more tedious then hacks A and B.

To Make Asymmetric Creatures:

1. Start Spore/Creature Creator and T-search.

2. Go into build mode.

3. Make a body with one arm and one leg.

4. Enlarge all the segments on the legs and arms to the max.

5. In TSearch, click on the Open Process and select SporeCreatureCreator.exe or SporeApp.exe if you are running full Spore.

6. Click on the magnifying glass

and search for the first byte :1077097267

then click ok, and you will get some results.

7. Now shrink the segments by clicking the down arrow TWO TIMES on your keyboard, DO NOT USE YOUR MOUSE WHEEL SINCE IT IS MUCH LESS ACCURATE. Then go back to TSearch and click on the second magnifying glass

and now search for the exact value of: 1076677837

8. You should now have fewer  results which are more accurate (picture is reused from another hack, you will get more then 2 results). Add them to the right side of the screen by clicking on the + signed box

9. Now separate the arms and legs so that you have two legs and two arms. Also resize the arm and leg segments so that they look normal.

10. Now freeze all the values that are 10 digits which you have added to the right side of t-search screen by clicking on the top value, hold shift, and click on the bottom value. Then click the freeze button . This is what your screen should look like:

11. Now shrink the segments, so that you have a really skinny arm. It may at first seem like both arms or legs are shrinking, but only one side will shrink and the other will stay the same as it was when you froze it. WHEN YOU FINISH SIZING THE ARMS AND LEGS DOWN/UP, MAKE SURE YOU IMMEDIATELY UNFREEZE THE FROZEN VALUES OR THE GAME COULD CRASH IF YOU ADD ANY NEW PARTS TO YOUR CREATION!!!!

12. Now let's put on two necks for the two heads this thing will eventually have, and place a head in the middle of the body that you want so that there is only one head and maximize its size.

13. Now search for the v alue 1073741824 in Tsearch.

14. Shrink the head two times with the keyboard an d do a search with the second magnifying glass for the value 1071404892. Remove the values from the right side of Tsearch by clicking on the trashcan  and then add the new values to the right side.

15. Now you can move the head to the neck part so that there are two heads on top of the neck and resize them to the size you like.

16. Now freeze the values in Tsearch that you just added and size down the heads. The same things will happen as what happened with the arms and legs. You will have one big head and one small one.

17. You can leave one head big, and one head small at this point or redo steps 12-16 to add another type of head. Just don't add two extra necks.

18. Use the cheat sheet page and customize your creature with more asymmetric parts such as eyes. Just remember to always unfreeze the values with which you were previously working with to prevent any crashes. Always start with one unit of the object you want, just to make things easy. What I mean by one unit is, for example, you want to make two asymmetric eyes. Just place the type of eye you want in the center of the body so that it is a single eye ball (one unit). Then find the values in Tsearch for the single eye ball, and then you can pull it apart so that it forms two eye balls (double unit). Then when you freeze the values, you will only freeze the size of the original eye ball (the one that you dragged) and not the other one.

Here is the finished version of my creature. I forgot to unfreeze the values at one point so its a tad bit different. I also added different eyes to it. There is also a youtube video of it.