Floating body parts in the cell stage seem to be quite usefull. When being attacked by other cells, the damage has to be done to your main body (besides poison damage). But, when you are attacking other cells, the damage you cause originates from your mouth, meaning that if your mouth is floating and not on your body, you will cause damage to them and they cant really fight back. I will presume you have looked at the other hacks to know how to use Tsearch at this point.

1. Start Spore and Tsearch

2. When in the cell building mode, remove all existing body parts.

3. Now resize all the vertebra so that they are all at maximum size.

4. Now go into TSearch and look up the value 1067030938.

5. Now shrink the size of the "vertebra" by clicking the down arrow on your keyboard two times and then do a searchwith the second magnifying glass for1066192078.

6. Now change the values to 1086192078. Now click on the front "vertebra" and you should now have a huge circle, this is the body. You cannot save a body of this size but its used to place the floating parts where you want them.

7. Now place the body parts you want floating on the body. You can see a youtube video of this : video

8. Now click on the front "vertebra" and click the down arrow on your keyboard once. You will now have floating body parts.

9. Now just add the parts you dont want to be floating onto the main body and play!