Hacking in floating body parts in the Creature Stage is very simmilar to the cell stage. I will also skip teaching how to use Tsearch in this tutorial, you should look at hacks A through C so that you become good at using Tsearch.

To Make Floating Part Creatures:

1. Start Spore/Creature Creator and T-search.

2. Go into build mode.

3. Shrink the spine till it is a 2 vertebral segment body.

  4. Now increase the size of one of the vertebra so that its the largest it can become.

5. Now in Tsearch search for the value 1074580685.

6. Now shrink the head by clicking the down arrow two times on your keyboard. Then go back to TSearch and click on the second magnifying glass and search for the value 1074161255.

7. Now lets change the values to.... 1094161255.Wow thats big, but it will do for this. Changing the verterba to this size will make your creature unsavable.

8. Now place the body parts you want floating onto the big body. Then click on the ball and shrink it by pressing on the down arrow on your keyboard once. If you do not like the placement of the body parts click the undo key  and they will jump back to where they were originaly placed on the big ball.

9. Now place all the other, non-floating body parts you want.

Here is something simple that I made: