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Author Topic: Some FAQ That Really Isn't Frequently Asked  (Read 4472 times)
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« on: December 27, 2009, 09:11:48 PM »

Q: The shoutbox is too big and distracting! How do I get rid of it?
A: Up the top of the shoutbox in the very left corner is a small button that looks like this: [ - ]. Click it to hide the shoutbox, and it will turn into this: [ + ]. Press it again to view the shoutbox.

Q: I want to post a picture file in my post, how do I add it in?
A: When posting, underneath the text area where you type is a bit of text that says 'Additional Options', next to a [ + ] button. Click on that, and them it will come up with some options, such as 'Don't use smileys'. Underneath those little options is an area labeled 'Attach'. Click on browse, and select the file you want to put up. There is some info about the allowed files etc just underneath that. You can also click on '(more attachments)' to post up to three more files.
Or alternatively, host your image on an image hosting site and, in your post, put the URL between the image tags, as shown below:
[img]Put Your Image URL Here![/img]

Q: I want to start a topic with a poll! How?
A: Right next to the little bit of text saying 'New topic' is a button that says 'Post new poll'. Click on that, then you go to a screen that looks the same as when you start a topic, but with some poll options above.

Q: I have an already made topic that I want to put a poll into! But I don't know how?
A: First, go to your already made topic. Then scroll right down to the bottom. Now, on the left side is the amount of pages and which one you want to go to. On the right side at the same height is a few little tabs. One of these says 'Add poll'. Click on it, then make the poll. You CANNOT make a poll on someone else's topic.

Q: How do I change my signature and avatar?

A: Just under the shoutbox is a series of tabs, including 'Home', 'Help', 'Search' and more. One of them is 'Profile'. Click on that, and then you will come to your profile. Look for a small list of several options, and one of them is 'Forum profile information'. Click on that, and then you will be lead to a new page with all the avatar, signature and other settings.

Q: What do I do with all this spice?
A: Simple! You can spend it on many of the amazing purchases in the SporeBase shop, and send it to other users. Not only can you buy things wholesale from the shop, but you can sell it to other users via the Trade Center.

More coming soon...

Grox: Added image hosting an image to 'I want to post a picture file in my post, how do I add it in?'
Revision (22/12/2012) : Bolded the headings, removed the alignment and added more space between questions to help make it easier to read. Also, a few spelling and grammatical errors were fixed, and unnecessary tidbits were removed.
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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 06:54:44 PM »

BAM stickied.

Oh no, it was set above the rules thread, I didn't want to do that. D:

Oh well.
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