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Author Topic: READ BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS: Spore Bug FAQ  (Read 11291 times)
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« on: January 14, 2012, 12:37:45 PM »

Any additional topics asking about problems covered by this FAQ will be treated as spam and deleted. Please do not make any new bug topics unless you're absolutely certain your problem is not one of the following.

I have compiled this FAQ to hopefully reduce the number of threads forum-wide asking very similar questions.

"Where do I download Spore Editor Hack?"
You can get it here as an attachment. In case that link breaks, I have also attached it here. If both of those links ever break, let me know and I will attach it to this thread. Basically, please stop making a bunch of threads asking where to download the program when it's readily available.

"Spore Editor hack doesn't work!"
First of all, make sure your game is patched to at least patch 1.04. The latest version of SporeHack is designed for those and may have compatibility issues with previous versions. There are older SH builds floating around that work with 1.03 and older but not with GA patches; it is easier to patch your game than to find a working download link for those old things.
Second, are you using a no-CD crack for GA? Sporehack will not work at all with that. It will say "Is the game running?" no matter how many times you try to apply hacks. No-CD cracks are a big, broken NO. Just buy GA. If you can't get a digital download, a disc is probably cheap even brand new, seeing as how Core Spore CDs dropped to $20.

"I'm having (insert problem here) with Spore after installing GA!"
No matter what your problem is (the most common being nonexistent animations), I can almost guarantee it was caused by one of two things: A bad installation path or use of a no-CD crack. The former can be fixed by installing your game in this order: Spore > C&C (if applicable) > GA > Bot Parts/Patch 5.1. The latter is unfixable unless you purchase a genuine copy. Secu-ROM will allow a valid GA copy to run without a disc.

"I'm having troubles with (insert mod here)!"
Does your mod conflict with others? Remember that .package files, including mods, are prioritized alphabetically for some reason. Say you have a mod called awesomeparts that allows parts to be smaller than usual and makes changes to stats. You install one called betterparts that allows the parts to be shrunken even smaller, but has no effect on stats. Awesomeparts will completely override the effects of betterparts, so it may as well not even be installed. You can fix this by renaming the mods so that betterparts comes before awesomeparts alphabetically. That should give the desired effects of both.
Also, make SURE you have GA installed. All mods installed after and including patch 1.04 need to be installed in the Data folders of both your Core Spore and Galactic Adventures folders (the exception being Dark Injection, which only needs to be placed in the Galactic Adventures Data folder). The GA folder will be SPORE_EP1 if installed from a disc or an old version of EADM. If installed with Origin, it will be called "SPORE Galactic Adventures" and defaults to a folder called "Origin Games"; however, the directory can be changed to the more familiar "Electronic Arts" folder.
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