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Author Topic: Space Stage Glitch: Game crashes when I click on certain stars?  (Read 546 times)
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« on: May 25, 2016, 05:45:16 PM »

I've recently had this problem after I finally managed to get my backed-up files back onto Spore. One of them is in the Space Stage but there seems to be a rather irritating problem regarding the fact that some stars literally crash the whole game when I click on them to fly there. Only certain stars do this, including the home-worlds of my allies/enemies (not my own for some reason, thank god since that's the most important part of anyone's game) and ones that order me to come there for something, in this case an attack from The Grox with one of my allies. Also, stars that are involved in requested missions, such as delivery-missions, crash the game as well, making it impossible to actually complete them. Only once did I manage to visit an ally who was under attack by The Grox, but ever since then, my game's been crashing whenever I attempt to fly to certain stars that seem to have no pattern/criteria. I tested this on my regular Spore and even Spore: Galactic Adventures, which is heavily modded. As far as I can tell, none of my mods affect the Space Stage in any way. And even with or without mods (yes, I've removed them and tested this glitch out), this problem persists. Am I the only one who has this kind of issue? While someone tries to help, I'll try to see if I can find helpful and useful information to this problem.
Oh, and it seems to me that some of the stars "fix" themselves. There's a star that's home to a Diplomat Empire, and the star's named Lavin. Just last weekend, flying to that star always crashed my game every single time. BUT, when I played the game again today, I got to fly to that star with no problem at all! Not that it was helpful because, prior to the fix, it was simply an assault. But now that the assault's already over, there's not really anything I need to do there, anymore. So I hope someone has or has had the same experience, perhaps he/she can help me with it. It'll be highly appreciated.  Smiley Grin
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