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Author Topic: Overly-complex Creature Crashes Spore, Any Help?  (Read 172 times)
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« on: June 01, 2017, 06:50:28 PM »

Okay, so recently I've created two creatures using the Dark Injection mod; I wasn't really using DarkSpore parts or anything, but rather I was taking full advantage of the feature of the mod that removes complexity in the main Creature Creator. With that being said, I have created 2 overly-complex creatures that are apparently so complex that they not only play no animations when in the editor as if I moused over them or any of their parts (which I didn't), but doing anything that would get the game to "force" it to "render" the animations causes the game to crash completely, this including launching the overly-complex creature(s) in Test Drive Mode OR even clicking on the "..." bar directly over their Sporepedia Card when moused over. Also, they're completely invisible in their Sporepedia Card as well, which (I guess) makes it easy for me to figure out which of them are "overly-complex" (I have made many complex creatures for the past 6 years, mostly courtesy of Dark Injection and Betterspore, but none weren't so complex as to cause crashing issues like this one). The names of the two overly-complex creations that are causing me problems, though unimportant, are "Hydroxy" (Creature) and "Opijenzia" (Captain). The former creation is solely made of legal Spore parts, while the latter doesn't use DarkSpore parts, but illegal parts such as the "exclusive" cell-parts, and I think Grox-parts, as well (I could be wrong, though). The fact that Hydroxy has this issue is evidence that it's not the parts causing the game to crash, it's simply because it's WAY over the complexity-limit.
Aside from being unable to open them up in Test Drive Mode or view them from the Sporepedia without first "reducing" their complexity to the point where the game can handle it, I wasn't too upset about it as they were still editable. BUT, very recently, I had accidentally hit the "..." over Opijenzia, causing the game to crash (I didn't want to view it anyways, it was a misclick). Since then, I hadn't worried all too much about it as I was just about to exit the game anyways. But today, I can't seem to play Spore at all without it crashing whenever I go into the Sporepedia... if I play Core Spore, it immediately crashes without even opening up... but if I play Spore Galactic Adventures, it appears to be just fine until I open the Sporepedia and scroll to the point where Opijenzia's Sporepedia Card is in view, and then it slows down and crashes within 2 seconds. I didn't even select the creation, nor did I mouse over it, either. But I have a feeling that this may be what's causing it...? I can't even hang around the Sporepedia Card long enough to delete it because it crashes almost immediately once it's in view (because I figured that maybe deleting it would work, to rid it from the game, but that seems to be impossible anyways). Should I try uninstalling to see if it'll work as it did previously: being unable to view the creation but at least having the rest of the game playable long enough to fix it? I'm not entirely sure what caused this game-breaking glitch; since accidentally crashing the game right before planning to exit it anyways, I didn't tamper with any of the mods or files of the game, nor did I screw around with the game via Cheat Engine (which some people on the forum already know I have). Any help to get my game working the way it should would be greatly appreciated.  Lips sealed Grin
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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 09:11:12 PM »

First off, you should never save creations which are so complex the animations stop. Creations with an excessive amount of parts seem to be able to do damage to the game itself, as I've had functions in the creators disappear after saving a monstrosity of a spaceship with thousands of parts. I don't know why or how but creations with a ridiculous amount of parts can cause permanent damage to your game. it's best to stick to "megabuilds" where you make them in parts of manageable complexity then piece them together in an Adventure.

1. Try removing the PNGs from the My Spore Creations folder, then go into Spore's temp files (if using windows, the directory is Users > Yourname > AppData (hidden on 64 bit systems so enable viewing hidden folders first if it's not active already) > Roaming > SPORE). delete EditorSaves, GraphicsCache, and if you aren't using any glitches to remove the pre-made Maxis creations, it's safe to delete Pollination as well. removing those temp files should remove the creation from your sporepedia without having to press the delete button in-game.

2. if this doesn't fix your problem, then the creation damaged your game and you need to reinstall.
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