Quick tutorial for how to do this hack is on the forums.

            Here you will find some of the creatures that have been hacked with the extra parts from other creators or the secret cell creator. For the most part to save and play with there you need to follow the Grox hack and then instead of dragging the Grox png file, use one of the files from here. To save these right click on the picture and select save picture as and save them to your desktop. To open them, open up a creature creator, space ship creator, or house creator and drag the file over it. Some of these will have parts/color problems (some parts fall to the ground and some parts are black) due to slight incompatibilities of the editors. The parts that fall apart in the creature creator work correctly during gameplay and are collored correctly :)

If you want to use extra parts from the secret cell editor use these, the one all the way to the right has every mouth in that creator:

Extra Parts Houses:

Extra Parts Vehicles:

Extra Parts Space Ships:

Extra Parts in Creature Editor:

Extra Parts in Outfit Editor:

Crazy Creatures in Cell Stage: