- New Banners

                       The one you see on the main page is made

                        by OWNED PK

                        Grox Hack Banner is by CJ001

           - Check out the new SporeBase Gallery, where you can find or upload hacked creations!

          - Updated the Grox hack so that it uses the Spore Editor Hack and takes much less time!

           -Added an open any Stage Hack to the Hacking Guide. This is useful if you have not gotten past Tribal Stage!

            -More to come soon!

            SporeBase welcomes all those that wish to alter their creations beyond the limits of spore. Here you will find instructions and tools to help you find your way through hacking spore. Don't be intimidated, the hacks are done through an easy to use program called t-search which has been used for years by novices and experts alike.

           Check out the helpful youtube videos

I have tested all the stages in Spore and there are working hacks for all of them. The most interesting are in the creature creation stage.

If you need any help on how to hack spore or use Tsearch, go to the forums. Hope this site helps you all!